Autobahn is the name of a techno-pop musical group mentioned in The Big Lebowski, comprised of Ueli Kunkle and two of his nihilist cohorts. The band wrote and performed music that was reminiscent of other German techno-pop bands like Kraftwerk. The band released one album, titled Nagelbett ("Nail bed") that Maude Lebowski has in her LP collection.

The group's members, Kunkle, his friends Franz and Kieffer, claim to be practitioners of nihilism, choosing to believe in nothing rather than societal rules or any system of government. The three attempt, during the course of The Big Lebowski, to extort money from Jeffrey Lebowski, the millionaire businessman, when they claim they have kidnapped his wife, Bunny Lebowski. A series of misunderstandings foils their scheme when they mistake The Dude for his millionaire counterpart.

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