Coen Brothers Wiki

Welcome to the About page for the Coen Brothers Wiki. This wiki was created on December 28, 2007 and is dedicated to providing detailed, encyclopedic content relevant to "all things Coen."

The bureaucrats of this wiki are Gonk and Graestan.


Before the wiki[]

The story behind Coen Brothers Wiki really began on December 27, 2007, when Gonk made a joke about starting a Jesus Wiki (as part of some sort of irreverent religious discussion). Graestan informed Gonk that such a wiki actually existed, but was abandoned and bereft of content. As an elaborate inside joke, Graestan and Gonk began creating Big Lebowski-related content for the Jesus Wiki. Before they got as far as creating a logo based on Jesus Quintana, however, they decided a "real" wiki on the topic would be both more fun and more appropriate.

Birth of CBW[]

Graestan initiated the Wikia Request on December 28, 2007—his real-life birthday—and the wiki was created later that same day. Very soon after the wiki's creation, Gonk and Graestan appointed the first administrator, Supergeeky1, who created the logo.