[14:15]	<Jedimca0>	Hmmm... I can't make it unless you start now... I'll be out in 20 minutes
[14:15]	<Jedimca0>	:(
[14:17]	<Gonk|Busy>	welll... do we know for a fact that Grae will be on at all today?
[14:17]	<supergeeky1>	Nope, not that I know of.
[14:18]	<Gonk|Busy>	I know:
[14:18]	<Gonk|Busy>	We'll start the meeting now, then let it peter out for a while, and if Grae happens in, so much the better ^_^
[14:18]	<supergeeky1>	Hehe.
[14:18]	<Gonk|Busy>	I bid you all COENY GREETINGS
[14:18]	<Gonk|Busy>	Jedimca0 , any comments on our agenda items?
[14:19]	<Jedimca0>	Hmmm... let me check.
[14:20]	=-=	Mode #coenwiki +o Gonk|Busy by chanserv
[14:20]	=-=	Gonk|Busy has changed the topic to “Coen Brothers Wiki IRC Chat | | IRC Rules: No flaming, trolling, spamming, or bots--except for ChanServ; she really ties the room together. | The first Coenference is NOW!”
[14:21]	<Jedimca0>	no comments, for now. :)
[14:21]	<Jedimca0>	well... maybe one thing... there are just 2 agenda items?! :P
[14:22]	<Gonk|Busy>	Yeah :)
[14:22]	<Gonk|Busy>	Actually I have a 3rd
[14:22]	* Jedimca0	thinks the meeting will be over when he has to leave... :P
[14:22]	<Gonk|Busy>	#1 - Emulate Wikipedia on real person article images? Or avoid doing so at all costs?
[14:23]	<supergeeky1>	Emulate, I'd say.
[14:23]	<Gonk|Busy>	Really? why?
[14:23]	<Jedimca0>	Hmmm... Emulate = copy ?
[14:23]	<Gonk|Busy>	I was gonna vote no
[14:23]	<supergeeky1>	I really don't see why we shouldn't, to be honest.
[14:23]	<Gonk|Busy>	No, what I mean is, should our [[Steve Buscemi]] article only have public domain images of him.
[14:24]	<Gonk|Busy>	Meaning, shitty fan photos of the back of his head.
[14:24]	<Jedimca0>	O_O
[14:24]	<Gonk|Busy>	Or do we do like Wookieepedia, and just use whatever, provided we explain where it came from.
[14:24]	<Jedimca0>	I say "real images"
[14:24]	<Jedimca0>	per Gonk
[14:24]	<supergeeky1>	I'd source good images.
[14:25]	<supergeeky1>	But yeah, per Gonk....
[14:25]	<Gonk|Busy>	let's go with that as a working policy for now
[14:25]	<Jedimca0>	next item? :P
[14:25]	<Gonk|Busy>	#2 Deciding on a rumors/speculation/original research policy. I suspect we want a looser one than Wookieepedia's... but not very much looser. I have examples and hypotheses.
[14:26]	<Gonk|Busy>	I wrote that over a month ago and have since forgotten my examples and hypotheses :)
[14:26]	* supergeeky1	will need to check Wookieepedia's policies on those.
[14:26]	<supergeeky1>	Ah. :D
[14:26]	<Gonk|Busy>	But to provide a somewhat vague example:
[14:27]	<Gonk|Busy>	Some very crazy shit happens at the end of Barton Fink. Do we allow a section for the movie's article in which the "meaning" of certain events is speculated upon?
[14:27]	<Gonk|Busy>	For Wookieepedia, the answer to that question would obviously be no, because
[14:27]	<Gonk|Busy>	#1, the fanbase is too idiotic to use such freedom well, and #2 there IS no "meaning" in the film-student sense.
[14:28]	<supergeeky1>	I vote in favor of giving very minor speculation.
[14:28]	<Jedimca0>	I agree
[14:28]	<Gonk|Busy>	When/if we get more users (more on that when we get to agenda item 3 :) ), I think they could probably be given a little more leeway
[14:28]	<Gonk|Busy>	I see this wiki attracting more Pfleugery types
[14:29]	<Gonk|Busy>	I agree too except I think we need to be clearer than "very minor speculation"
[14:30]	<supergeeky1>	Hmm.
[14:30]	<Gonk|Busy>	Shall we just say something about reasonable hypotheses, cited with evidence where appropriate??
[14:30]	<Gonk|Busy>	*meant to do one ?
[14:31]	<supergeeky1>	That sounds alright.
[14:31]	<Gonk|Busy>	So we don't get wacky fan theories about Walter being related to Leonard Smalls or something
[14:31]	<supergeeky1>	Hell no.
[14:31]	<Jedimca0>	sounds good
[14:31]	<supergeeky1>	Sounds good.
[14:31]	<Gonk|Busy>	ok
[14:31]	<Gonk|Busy>	I will write something up to that general effect.
[14:32]	<Gonk|Busy>	I will also keep the phrase "wacky fan theories" because I like it :D
[14:32]	<supergeeky1>	:D
[14:32]	<Gonk|Busy>	#3: Recruitment. It's obvious we can't/won't get anything done on this wiki if it's just the handful of users we currently have :)
[14:32]	<Gonk|Busy>	I have two concrete ideas for getting the word out
[14:33]	<supergeeky1>	I've been encouraging Madclaw to edit. He was planning on it, but something made him change his decision.
[14:33]	<Gonk|Busy>	#1, mentioning the existence of the wiki at the appropriate time in #wikia
[14:34]	<Gonk|Busy>	Like if we run into a technical problem, or if somebody else does and we've got a workaround on Coen, or whatever
[14:35]	<Gonk|Busy>	#2, I was thinking about finding any Coen message boards that might exist and creating an account at one, and putting a link in my sig or something. *shrug*
[14:35]	<supergeeky1>	That sounds good.
[14:36]	<Gonk|Busy>	Any other ideas?
[14:36]	<Jedimca0>	Both sound good
[14:37]	<supergeeky1>	I really don't have any better ideas than that.
[14:38]	<Gonk|Busy>	It's certainly safe to assume that the Coen Wiki will never have that many users. probably even fewer than Darthipedia.
[14:39]	<supergeeky1>	But I still believe that it has the potential to find several more hard working users.
[14:39]	<Gonk|Busy>	I concur
[14:39]	<Jedimca0>	is there an official "Coen site" or something like that?
[14:39]	<Gonk|Busy>	Don't you mean "several hard working users"? ;)
[14:39]	<supergeeky1>	Lemme check.
[14:39]	<Gonk|Busy>	Jedimca0 > I think there are a couple of major fansites
[14:39]	<supergeeky1>	Ah, yeah.
[14:39]	<Jedimca0>	Major fansites will work.
[14:39]	<Gonk|Busy>	Whether the Coens themselves have an official site, dunno
[14:39]	<Gonk|Busy>	Presumably each movie does/did.
[14:40]	<supergeeky1>
[14:41]	<Gonk|Busy>	hmm
[14:41]	<Gonk|Busy>	Looks kind of like a one-man show.
[14:41]	<Gonk|Busy>	Is it official?
[14:41]	<supergeeky1>	Nope, doesn't look like it.
[14:42]	<supergeeky1>	Official friendship?
[14:42]	<Gonk|Busy>	Sure
[14:44]	<supergeeky1>	We have a link on Wikipedia?
[14:44]	<supergeeky1>	When did that happen?
[14:44]	<Gonk|Busy>	We do?
[14:44]	<Jedimca0>	O_O
[14:44]	<Jedimca0>	link?
[14:44]	<supergeeky1>
[14:45]	<Jedimca0>	cool
[14:45]	<supergeeky1>	I've almost found the person who added it.
[14:46]	<supergeeky1>
[14:46]	<supergeeky1>	Anon.
[14:46]	<supergeeky1>	Cool.
[14:46]	<Jedimca0>	anyway, I have to go.
[14:46]	<supergeeky1>	See ya, Jedi.
[14:46]	<Gonk|Busy>	Thanks for coming
[14:46]	<Gonk|Busy>	:)
[14:46]	<supergeeky1>	:D
[14:46]	<Gonk|Busy>
[14:46]	<Gonk|Busy>	lol
[14:47]	<supergeeky1>	Quinlanfan?!
[14:47]	<Jedimca0>	Bye everyone?
[14:47]	<Gonk|Busy>	O_o
[14:47]	<supergeeky1>	Oh, no.
[14:47]	<supergeeky1>	Graestan.
[14:47]	<Jedimca0>	bah... -?
[14:47]	<Gonk|Busy>	Ciao
[14:47]	<supergeeky1>	Graestan added it.
[14:47]	<supergeeky1>	XD
[14:47]	<supergeeky1>	See ya.
[14:47]	<Gonk|Busy>	How can you tell?
[14:47]	<supergeeky1>	His edit to Category talk:Christian denominations.
[14:48]	<supergeeky1>	I was there when he made that edit.
[14:48]	<--|	Jedimca0 has left #coenwiki
[14:48]	* Gonk|Busy	shakes his head
[14:48]	<Gonk|Busy>	A and In should not be capitalized.
[14:48]	<supergeeky1>	lol
[14:49]	<Gonk|Busy>	Is this working for you?
[14:49]	<supergeeky1>	Nope.
[14:50]	<Gonk|Busy>
[14:50]	<supergeeky1>	Official website?
[14:51]	<Gonk|Busy>	No, same site
[14:51]	<supergeeky1>	Oh.
[14:52]	<Gonk|Busy>	hm, new agenda item
[14:52]	<Gonk|Busy>	Should we maybe not have portals for movies that aren't 100% confirmed yet?
[14:52]	<Gonk|Busy>	Such as "The Yiddish Policemen's Union"?
[14:53]	<supergeeky1>	I wouldn't add portals until the movies have at the very least started filming.
[14:53]	* Gonk|Busy	nods
[14:53]	<Gonk|Busy>	that makes sense. Script phase = not yet confirmed enough
[14:55]	<Gonk|Busy>	Oh, and item #5: QOTW -> QOTM ? :)
[14:56]	<supergeeky1>	lol, yeah.
[14:56]	<supergeeky1>	It's completely slipped my mind to update it each week.
[14:56]	<Gonk|Busy>	I also think maybe our FAs should be changed "when there's a worthy candidate" and not necessarily regularly
[14:56]	<supergeeky1>	Exactly.
[14:59]	<supergeeky1>	So, any other items on the agenda? :D
[14:59]	<Gonk|Busy>	Nah, let's wait and see if Grae shows up
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