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Nagelbett is the title of an LP recorded and released by the fictional band Autobahn. Maude Lebowski has a copy of the album in her record collection, which she shows to The Dude. Maude calls the music "techno-pop".

No year of release is given for the LP and the cover features the members of Autobahn dressed like those of Kraftwerk from their own LP titled The Man-Machine.

Track listing: the track listing for the album is visible while The Dude holds the album. Freeze-framing that moment in the film reveals the names of the tracks:

  • Saturation
  • Faking It
  • Hit and Run
  • No Way Out
  • Violate U Blue
  • Beg Me
  • Take It In
  • Edelweiss (Club Mix)

Nagelbett is German for nail bed.